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Action BR64V Running Shoes For Men(Multicolor)

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Lowest Price : Rs. 749

Rs. 749
Product Details


Brand Name Action
Model BR64V


Colour Grey, Blue
Size 9
Size In UK/India
Ideal For Men
Occasion Sports
Inner Material Synthetic
Outer Material Rubber

Product Description

The Action BR64V Running Shoes For Men(Multicolor) product comes with price of Rs. 749. Its brand is Action and the model is BR64V. Action Campus Shoes over these years of large-scale production and sales of world-class footwear for men, women and kids have been observing the tremendous growth in demand for sports footwear. As an established Brand for high-quality Campus footwear for all ages, rose to the occasion in supplying all varieties, models, designs and specifications of sports shoes online India. People have varied requirements for sports shoes, for purposes of engaging in robust physical activities of walking, jogging, sprinting, trekking, cycling as well as body-shaping in gyms. Campus Shoes cater to all these needs with years-long expertise in footwear making, by producing latest designs, models and materials of all sports footwear, strictly in accordance with the international norms, specifications and features laid down for sports footwear. As a result, the Campus Sports Shoes are very comfortable to wear; last longer in durability; and provide the flexibility to move the feet faster and with ease, the way the wearer wants it. Buy sports shoes online and ensure they are Campus Shoes for worry-free performance, in sports and athletic events as well as gyms.

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